View Full Version : Shell Integration No Longer Present

22.01.2010, 07:09
I was running a trial of Daemon tools pro. I am not sure whether it was standard or advanced. I made full use of the shell integration. I uninstalled the trial version and re-installed pro standard with a purchased serial. The shell option(s) that were present during the trial are no longer present. I have tried activating/deactivating the shell integration through the options to no avail. Please help.

22.01.2010, 07:47
Your OS and DT version?
Also do you see DTProShellHlp.exe in Task Manager?

22.01.2010, 07:54
Windows 7 Ultimate x64, DT 4.35; I do not see DTProShellHlp.exe in the task manager. I tried running DTProShellHlp.exe from the install folder to no avail.