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Tok Tok
22.01.2010, 13:00

I reinstalled my system and updated deamon tools for windows 7. Now I want to backup my itunes library, to a image file, with the "burn to cd" function from itunes. But iTunes says that there is no available burner found.

I only have deamon tools installed as a virtual drive and no real dvd burner in my PC. Also the virtual drive is not called a DVD burner, so that could be the issue... ?

I was used to created virtual images from any application by selecting the virtual burner, but I never tested it with itunes. I was assuming that it's also possible.

22.01.2010, 13:20
daemon tools virtual drive is NOT a burner, so itunes will not see it as a burner, there are other tools out there that do make virtual burner devices though, you could try them i guess

Tok Tok
22.01.2010, 14:15
Then I was completely confused. I always thought that with a Burn application you could use your virtual drive to burn images. As I used to do with Nero.
It makes more sense now ;)

Any program you can recommend to me for burning those images from itunes?