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Blue Jays
26.01.2010, 12:33
well i am really new at this but i just backed up a dvd with clone cd and now i have a lot of image files in a folder on my computer for example IMAGE IMAGE.000 IMAGE.001 IMAGE.002 and so on. But they are too big for clone cd to make a working dvd and make them fit on a regular 4gb dvd. so my question can i some how use daemon tools to make a working dvd on a folder on my desktop so that i could at least see if my back up works. i am really new at this so if some one could help me it would mean a lot.

26.01.2010, 14:47
yes sure you can creat dvd or cd image using latest DT Pro or DT Lite.

just instert dvd or cd disk in drive and than find make disk image.

when you find it save it to .iso extesnsion


Blue Jays
26.01.2010, 15:11
thanks for getting back to me but i already have the image files i created them with clone cd. but i have many image files i

IMAGE IMAGE.000 IMAGE.001 ands son ho do i ues daemon tools to make a working dvd out of all of these image files?


27.01.2010, 10:36
Daemon tools can't creat image back using this files. I think you must get back your image using CD Clone, or creat new image with Daemon tools

27.01.2010, 11:31
@Blue Jays
Create a new image like sikvdila suggested or mount your image with Virtual CloneDrive.

btw. which app/game is that image ?