View Full Version : YASU wont run in DT Lite folder.

28.01.2010, 02:24
I'm having an issue with the latest YASU.
I place it in the Daemon Tools Lite folder, but when I run YASU it gives me this error.
"Unable to locate the file "daemon.dll" and/or "dtpro.dll".
Please copy "YASU.exe" to your DAEMON Tools Lite/Pro directory, then run the application again"

I just installed the latest Daemon Tools Lite, and I'm confused as to why this wont work. Both YASU and DT Lite are from this website.

Any help please?

03.02.2010, 00:03
have the same problem not possible to use
Medieval 2 +Kingdoms on Win XP

03.02.2010, 08:42
There are many threads dealing with that topic.
Just do forum search for Key Word rename in the CureROM & YASU SUPPORT subforum.