View Full Version : Want to put hibernation-file on other partition

05.04.2004, 09:19
really off-topic, nothing dtools, but:
in Windows XP:

Is it possible to put the hibernation-file for hibernation-mode on a other partition?? After having updated to more RAM, the file doesn't fit any more on my first partition, C:\

I'd like to put it on d:\
does anyone know how to manage this?
any registry-change maybe?

06.04.2004, 18:22
Useless feature. Turn it off as soon as XP finished install. Only eats harddrive space, and isn't as convenient and fast resume as the Stand By feature.

07.04.2004, 19:37
no,no. look, in fact I've turned it off long ago, but now I'm thinking that this ISN'T at all a bad idea. The amount of 512 megs of ram are the reason why I wanted to put it on - e.g. - d:\
I dimensionized my win-partition only to 2gb, uhoh...

any tips are welcome

BTW, is my avatar TOO hideous?

08.05.2004, 03:55
You'd be better off getting PartitionMagic to expand your C: drive. 2GB is barely enough to get XP booted.

08.05.2004, 14:11
I dimensionized my win-partition only to 2gb, uhoh...

I did that with PM, but dummerweise probably there isn't a way to move this hibernation file...
Anyway, please took a look at my newest creation @ http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/portal/viewtopic.php?t=2936 !