View Full Version : How do games know you're using Daemon Tools?

01.02.2010, 20:32
I have a 5 year old. Everything gets destroyed, so I like to iso our game discs and mount with DT and then install and play.
Most of the time though, the game seems to detect that I'm using an iso or DT and not the real disc and then exits or just just doesn't work.

How do the games do this? Is there a workaround?

Is there a windows API call that is made by the game to confirm at some lower level the media type?


01.02.2010, 22:05
Either bad image and/or blacklists.

02.02.2010, 13:52
Is that an answer?
Bad image? No, I can install the game from the iso I created from the dvd.
Blacklist? Are you saying the game developers coded a list of strings into the game that are not allowed? What strings are you talking about? How does daemontools present any string to the game in that sense that it would be blacklisted? You talking volume label? What else would be relevant?

02.02.2010, 14:04
If you have a bad image (not containing necessary information like twin sectors, DPM, subchannel or weak sectors --- mostly ISO), game detects it.

02.02.2010, 14:23
Create your images in mdf / mdx format.
That should take care of many issues you have.
Scan the installation Folder and CD/DVD with ProtectionID first to know what protection you are dealing with.

04.02.2010, 20:35
Ford Perfect: Thanks, the mds worked.