View Full Version : Daemond Tools lite on a usb drive

03.02.2010, 00:39
I have tried just copying the installed files but this will not work. I am able to launch daemon tools but I am unable to add any virtual drives.
I also tried installing daemon tools on the usb drive when installing but this give me the same result
Is there a way to use daemon tools off a usb flash drive? What I want to do is use a virtual disk on any computer I plug my flash drive into

03.02.2010, 07:11
Not possible. You need SPTD driver installed.

16.12.2013, 16:33
Sorry to necro, but does that mean that the information at this page on your website (http://www.daemon-help.com/en/installation_notes/portable_installation.html) is invalid?

17.12.2013, 15:33
No, basic emulation driver & Portable Installation were introduced with version 4.40.1: http://forum.daemon-tools.cc/f13/new-daemon-tools-lite-4-40-1-released-27613/

So at that time Blazkowicz posted you had to install SPTD.