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10.02.2010, 12:52
i am tyring to run yasu on my pc. i have no problem running in manually every time i start up my pc, however, i would not like to do this everytime. i will soon make yasu run on another few pc's that i have and i do not want to manually run it on every pc individually.

Does anyone have any advice or a solution to making yasu run on startup automatically. i have tried putting it into the start up folder and i have also tried doing it using the run : regedit option.. no luck so far and i have been trying for a very long time!!

thank you in advance.

10.02.2010, 14:57
Commandline Parameters:

-s Silent mode (Using this when Y.A.S.U is active will hide Y.A.S.U in the system tray).
-a Add to system start up.
-r Remove from system start up.
-x Terminates/Closes Y.A.S.U (only works if Y.A.S.U is already active).
-c Enables Y.A.S.U Anti-Blacklist(s) for SafeDisc & SecuROM.
-uc Disables Y.A.S.U Anti-Blacklist(s).
-nosd No SafeDisc. Y.A.S.U will NOT hide any devices from SafeDisc.
-nosdi No Intelligent SafeDisc. Y.A.S.U will NOT use intelligent SafeDisc Anti-Blacklist(s).
-nosr No SecuROM. Y.A.S.U will NOT hide any devices from SecuROM.
-nopc Disables Y.A.S.U permission checking.

11.02.2010, 13:36
Commandline Parameters:

ok i have seen this before but where do i put these. I have never done anything like this before i think i will need step by step from the start to get this done..

i have yasu in the deamon tools directory and that is it. i cannot do anything more.

please respond as soon as possible, and thankyou in advance.

11.02.2010, 16:54
You do them using cmd and then navigating to install folder of YASU.

11.02.2010, 17:08
...or make a shortcut, open properties of the shortcut and add the parameter where it says Target
after the last quotation mark (e.g. "C:\Program Files\DAEMON Tools Lite\YASU.exe" -a).

13.02.2010, 14:33
thanks for the advice. i used the regedit/ using run.

it works fine now i dont know how i got around it but it has started working.... thank for all of the advice!!!