View Full Version : DTL Freeze after unmounted drive removal

10.02.2010, 16:38
I looked but I couldn't find a thread describing this problem.

Ok I used Daemon Tools Lite to create a virtual drive on my machine. I thought I was going to use it but I never did. A week later I try to remove the unmounted virtual drive and Daemon Tools Lite freezes. That's not the bad part. Now Daemon Tools Lite will not open anymore. I tried repairing the install but that program freezes as soon as it starts. Same with uninstall. I still have the same problems after reboot. I have no idea how to remove this software short of removing my hard drive.

Would appreciate any help in either removing or repairing this software.

DTLITE4355-0068 is the name of the installer if that helps you identify which software version I was using.