View Full Version : my computer graphics card is no longer working correctly after daemon tools install

15.02.2010, 07:13
after i installed daemon tools and daemon tools lite my graphics card hasnt worked like it should, actually my driver manager cant find my graphics card. i would like some help on what i should do to fix this problem.:confused:

15.02.2010, 10:32
What versions of DT did you install?
What is your graphics card? Do you see it in Device Manager?

18.05.2010, 02:12
I have had exactly the same thing. I installed DT Lite4355-0068 on my gaming system with no problem but when installed on my 'real work' system on the same hardware it made the graphics card disappear. This system had a lot more things installed including nero 7-8. OS is X SP3. chipset AMD 780G graphics ATI 5670 catalyst 10.2. Even if the graphics card is taken out and the on board graphics used the adapter is still not displayed under devices or found by the driver install.