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16.02.2010, 03:50
First off im sorry i have seen the other posts with this info but it didint seem to apply to me. Second off have patience with me i dont know what im supposed to be telling you exactly....i have civilization on my laptop with no disc. I have installed and mounted it and with daemon tools and its still asking for a disc. Aside from not having the disc the drive ive created couldnt take a disc anyway. I really need help. Im using windows xp and im trying to get civIII to work. Thanks to anyone who can offer some one to one help

16.02.2010, 09:26
How did you get this image?

16.02.2010, 22:31
This happens to me too when I try to run a game

16.02.2010, 22:33
If you would answer Sway's question, it would be maybe solvable.