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23.02.2010, 03:29
well here is the deal i bought a legitimate copy of bioshock2
and it will not run if i have daemon tools installed O.o...
go figure
I use daemon tools for legitimate purposes.
some of my older game disks like diablo I and starcraft were going bad so i made iso files of them so i could trash the disks
witch was great but now im told i cant play bioshock2 because it detects Daemon tools...
I love Daemon tools but if its going to block all my new game i get from being played i cant use it any more :/

dose any one know a way to stop the games from detecting daemon tools or a way to hide Daemon tools when i try to play the game? just shutting Daemon tools down isn't enough it seems.

just wanted to know before i return bio shock 2
and if it comes to it, before i stop using Daemon tools

23.02.2010, 06:24
Try using DTE.

23.02.2010, 08:15
Or try to remove all virtual devices when you're going to play such game.

23.02.2010, 10:49
actually the 'and it will not run if i have daemon tools installed O.o...' is incorrect, i have bioshock 2 here and it runs fine from disk, if i try and mount the image, then i get the emulator detected.. so its only when 'using' daemon tools, not it being installed... sadly im on x64 and can't use DTE for that (and i don't like the driver for a driver thing, or the program itself for other reasons).

05.03.2010, 09:29
wat is da meaning of system error???