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27.02.2010, 18:07
Hi All!

When i try to upgrade my Windows 7 RC to the full Retail,
and the "Compability Wizard" is Finish runnig,

it says :

" The following issues are preventing Windows from upgrading. Cancel the upgrade, complete each task, and then restart the upgrade to continue.

For these items, make the following changes:
Uninstall these programs. Open Control Panel and search for "uninstall a program".

- Daemon Tools. "


From install & Uninstall, to install a fresh copy of Deamon tools that Support Windows 7, and Nothing!

i even search the registry for traces... nothing.

it keep saying that it can't upgrade because deamon tools is installed.

the suprising t is that i don't see the deamon tools in "Add/Remove programs" even when its installed!

What can i do ???

The RC Version is Expiren in 1.3.2010 !!! (Two Days!)

Please help me figure this one's out..

Thank's! :tongue::)

27.02.2010, 19:50
Start -> Programs -> DAEMON Tools Lite/Pro -> Uninstall

Also download SPTD setup (www.duplexsecure.com) and uninstall SPTD.

28.02.2010, 00:20
Start -> Programs -> DAEMON Tools Lite/Pro -> Uninstall

Also download SPTD setup (www.duplexsecure.com) and uninstall SPTD.

It's Still Says That Deamon Tools is Installed. :confused:

Is there a cleanup tool to completely uninstall all trace of Deamon Tools?

My win is going to be Expired in 1.3.2010..

That's why it's SO Urgent!

Great Thanks

28.02.2010, 00:52
You didn't have installed 3.47 for some time?
Also when SPTD and DT are uninstalled with their setups, there is no risk in doing an upgrade.

Also upgrade from a beta or rc to final is not recommended.

28.02.2010, 08:46
:confused:I Didn't understand why its not uninstalled
wherer it could be,
can u forward the problem to the DT Support Team?

its a BIG problem im sure im not the only one that will have that.

why it's still shows that DT is Installed?

Is The ONLY thing that prevent me to upgrade.

it's ubsord! :(

the only thing... that because of it i will have to make a clean install & reinstall all my pograms & games.

Please search for a good solution.

how can i contact the Programmers of DT? :confused:

28.02.2010, 12:15