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02.03.2010, 19:20
after installing a new motherboard and windows 7.
the setup proces was fixed as i installed it as administrator. now he says invalid license. i went to the site there is my key i also paid for upgrade as i touight this was the solution. i filled the key in dt-pro but he keeps saying invalid license.
Can you help me please.
if you can answering in dutch.
thanks anyway michael

02.03.2010, 19:27
Which DT version you try to activate?

02.03.2010, 20:01
As I can see, you have successfully activated DT Pro 4.35.0308 20 minutes ago. Isn't it?

02.03.2010, 23:40
if you have problem to avtivate DT firs revoke your license in your license panel and activate again