View Full Version : mounts but does not mount?

03.03.2010, 05:24
ok the image works fine on my pc but when i mount it on my freinds pc it mounts but there must be a ploblem because when i go to my computer the disk image is not there and it says there is nothing in the drive.

he had a old version of daemon tools on it and it was doing the same as a i mentioned above and then i installed the latest version "upgrade to latest version" and it still will not work.

so i unistalled everything but when it was reinstalled, the ploblem still existed.

is there a way to fix this?

03.03.2010, 12:07
Do I understand correctly that both you and your friend use the same image file to mount? Where is it located?
Also specify your DT version and OS.

03.03.2010, 18:10
Ok its the latest version of DT. the Bin file is located in downloads in his documents.

its the same file we used, but i also redownloaded the same file but it still did not work.

we are using windows vista.

the ploblem is also that when we use other programs like magiciso it does not work but the file can be extracted and viewed on isobuster.

now the same file works on my computer, so i think it is something related to the cd drives or something.

i think it might be that STPD thing.

do you guys know a solution to this?

04.03.2010, 09:20
Please read forum rules carefully. We DO NOT provide support for warez.