View Full Version : Unable to boot Windows

07.03.2010, 20:36
After installing the latest version of DT lite, /restarted as it asked, then when the problem started it was unable to get to windows, not ever the safe mode, it got to the safe mode options page, but nothing was happening whatever options i choose, it was just a black screen. And even if i leave for a while it still wouldn't go to windows.
Whatever help is much appreciated

07.03.2010, 20:51
Press F8 before you see the Windows logo and select Safe Mode. Press ESC when you see on bottom line of display Press ESC to cancel loading SPTD.sys.

You may also try to boot from your Windows CD/DVD, select Recovery Console, log in with Admin password and then type disable sptd

07.03.2010, 20:55
After pressing F8 then safe mode, it was black screen and nothing was happening. Can't see any lines at all.

09.03.2010, 11:35
I have the same problem in a laptop. After installing the SPTD driver the Windows doesn't run using normal or safe mode.
You can try this:
Press F8 before you see the Windows logo and select "use the last known good configuration" to return to the previous configuration.