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15.03.2010, 15:58
Hi there,

I recently installed Daemontools 4.35.5 under windows 7 x64.
The installation didn't completed as it gave me the error about windows 2000 and the kernel. Each time that I tried to reboot for the installation svchost would not let me restart and would crash(and then I could restart my computer). Suddenly, I started my computer and.... nothing. blank screen. Everything seems to be ok on the hardware ( I have an ASUS crosshair so there is a little screen that tells what is booting) but I can't see a thing, not even the BIOS! I though it could be STCP.sys related but I don't have a clue since I can't see anything on my display(which is dual-screen and I don't see anything on both of them).

Here are my specs if it proves useful :

ASUS crosshair motherboard
6gb 800mhz OCZ memory
AMD 6000+ processor
eVGA Nvidia 8800GTX
650watts power supply
G-15 keyboard
G-5 Mouse
Logitech Z-5500 speakers

Oh, my mouse seems to be O.K. though. I think I can go into windows but I don't see a thing... and the lights on my G15 seems alright also but the backlighting doesn't show up at startup.

Thank you for taking time to look into this.

15.03.2010, 16:40
Regarding your mouse only means it gets power, nothing more.

You do hear a beep code?
Elcos on mainboard are ok?

15.03.2010, 16:43
I do not hear any beeps but I don't know what Elcos are...
I was able to log on windows though but didn't see a thing

15.03.2010, 17:27
Elcos are on mainboard mostly next to PCIe slot.

You actually tried another monitor and/or Safe Mode?

15.03.2010, 18:08
Well I can't go into safe mode and I did try more monitors... can't see a thing. Everything seems to be in working order

15.03.2010, 18:12
If you don't see a thing, then how do you know you logged into Windows?

15.03.2010, 18:13
I've got sound from the speakers when I log on

15.03.2010, 18:26
Well I can't go into safe mode
I guess you know pressing F8 every time and again before you hear the sound, will open a menu to select Safe Mode or not.

If you can't see that menu, something is wrong with your computer.

The LED on your monitor, is it green, orange or nothing?

15.03.2010, 18:31
The LED on my monitor is orange. In fact, my monitor is in sleep mode. I'll try again for the safe mode tonight. I guess the sound comes from the mobo?

15.03.2010, 19:49
Normally only a single beep during startup comes from mainboard.

If you disabled your speakers, then the sound comes from the mainboard or do you have built-in speakers into your pc case/monitor?

15.03.2010, 19:58
That's fine, I'll try with and without my speakers tonight. but can we still see the safe mode even if the monitor doesn't show anything?

15.03.2010, 20:12
The menu must be there for Safe Mode selection.
But without any picture on the monitor, nothing to help atm.

16.03.2010, 01:51
I've looked into the matter and I don't have any clue of what's going on... I did some cleaning in my case ( It needed some) and looked all the connexions on the mainboard but nothing is unusual. Sometimes I get to have the lights on my keyboard after a little while, telling me that windows is booted. But a question popped in my mind; Does daemontools have any drivers that starts itself at the boot of the computer? If this is the case, can I disable the boot of these drivers?
I've read that sptd.sys is the first driver to be launched. Could it be the source?
Thank you.

16.03.2010, 07:30
DT is a Windows program and is therefore only active in Windows, not in boot (e. g. BIOS).

16.03.2010, 14:29
I'll try to put my HDD into another computer and delete all the files related to Daemontools to see if it changes anything. My win7 is a fresh installation (1 week old) so I would'nt lose anything too valuable if I were to reinstall it on another computer (if this error is software related). I don't think that my CPU, GPU or Mainboard are faulty nor my RAM. There is an indicator on the back of my 8800GTX that lights up if the card is faulty/fried/misplaced. The screen on my motherboard tells me step-by-step the components that are booted and there are no pieces of hardware that doesn't load incorrectly. I'll give it a try.

18.03.2010, 19:59
Seems that my BIOS is faulty after all, watched the screen behing my mainboard as the PC was booting and saw CMOS ERR (CMOS error). I think that my BIOS is corrupted. There are two solutions :
1- Make a crisis recovery disk
2- Order a new BIOS chip from a reseller or the manufacturer