View Full Version : BIN Labeling Problem

15.03.2010, 16:55
I ran a .BIN for a program and there's 4 parts of it but their names (the CD Label) are like 200811031545 but it has to be CD2. Here's a screen shot http://i39.tinypic.com/112brs2.jpg

Please Help!!

15.03.2010, 17:26
If original disk has that label, image also has it.
Also how did you create your image?

15.03.2010, 18:03
That's the thing the original disk didn't have that label. What do you mean? I used ImgBurn.

15.03.2010, 18:11
I just tried with empty label, DT shows empty label as it should.
Can you post a screenshot of image properties?
Also please post a screenshot of Image Editor when the image is loaded into DT Pro Image Editor.