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16.03.2010, 15:15
Hello all,
Hopefully someone can help guide me in the right path, I've been using daemon-tools for years and haven't had a problem.

I just got a new i-5 processor laptop and I'm running windows 7 64-bit (legit). I tried to install daemon tools but got an cannot add adaptor message after i reboot from the daemon-tools install. I wasn't sure what that meant so I came on here, deleted sptd as per: DAEMON Tools Professional Help: Registry and SPTD problems (http://daemonpro-help.com/?id=932#registry) and even manually installed sptd before reinstalling daemon tools again, however I still got the same error.

Under control panel, my computer is acpi x64 based PC which I believe is the right one, under BIOS, acpi is chosen. Under IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers I believe the relevant one is Intel 5 Series 6 Port SATA AHCI Controller. I tried running daemon tools which runs fine, except when I go to try to add a SCSI device it stil gives me cannot add adaptor, so I decided to look at device manager when it's trying to add the adaptor. A device is attempted to be added I think it is some sort of SCSI driver or controller and I open it but in the General tab of the device it says not enough resources. My computer makes sounds like it is trying to add a usb device, then I hear the disconnect sound, this cycle happens about 3 times. after that the device that was trying to be added says this device is not connected. So I've realized it's a "resource" error and wondering how this could be fixed. I read back in 2006 that this error was apparently fixed, using IRQ 0 or what-not, so I'm not sure what this current issue is.

thanks for the help in advance, would be great if i could use this program again.

26.03.2010, 08:38
Just a follow up with more information if that is why there have been no responses:

The item that pops up in device manager when trying to add device is: AQB5TFH0IDE Controller. This appears under the heading "storage controller"

If there is more information required please let me know :) Would love to use this program again.