View Full Version : Error: This program needs SPDT of 1.60 or higher to function

19.03.2010, 19:40
I am getting a weird error message when I try to open DTLite. I have Windows 7 installed on my computer, and it says to function I need an SPDT of 1.60 or higher for it to work. I installed an SPDT of 1.62, and I'm still getting the same error message. What do I do?

19.03.2010, 19:46
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19.03.2010, 21:03
I have the same problem!

I install DT, reboot and I get a SPDT error about not supporting this and something about Windows 2003! :S

Anyway I have installed SPDT separably, rebooted and then Install DT again. Still same error!

Win 7 Home Premium 64bit no Anti-Virus!

Help would be appreciated!

19.03.2010, 22:36
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