View Full Version : Timing problem image type specific?

21.03.2010, 11:10

I made an image of a securom secured dvd which runs perfectly when mounted from harddisc drive. I burned the image as data files and mounted them but the copy protection wants the original disc. MD5SUMs are the same on dvd and hard disc drive.

I copied a huge amount of data from and to hard disc drive to simulate a slow drive and get the same error.

It seems that securom expects data in a very short time frame and slow drive like dvd and slowed down hard disc drive are not able to deliver the data out the image file.

The image type I used was BlindWrite 6. Is this file format not as fast as other image types (like MDS)? Reasons could be a compressed image type (whereas compression should be useful here because of fewer amount of data to read) or fewer caching performance (perhaps Daemon Tools are caching relevant sectors for copy protection mechanism in memory for certain image types?)
Or is this problem image type independant?

Thanks in advance!