View Full Version : insert original CD (cannot authorize)

25.03.2010, 15:14
I am using the newest version of Daemon Tools lite. I am running it on Windows XP pro (32 bit). I am trying to get it to run software called Eduss (I actually do own the program legally).

Anyway everything seems to work perfectly but when I try to run the program off the emulated CD it says, "Original disc could not be found or authenticated". This is the same thing that happens when I try to run the program off of a burned copy of the original CD. Obviously there is some security feature here blocking it but how do I get around this?

25.03.2010, 15:33
How did you create this image?

25.03.2010, 18:19
I made the image with Daemon tools. It appeared to work perfectly as far as I could tell.