View Full Version : Can't install on Win7

25.03.2010, 15:25
I keep getting the error

Internal setup error. Error code 14. Contact support


I'm not that experienced on the PC side... I am a Mac guy using bootcamp. This worked fine before I upgraded to Win7. I have Zone Alarm running (which I disabled before trying to install).

I also DL the latest version of DT Pro which I purchased up here in July.

Any help would be appreciated and remember I have no clue how to use regedit ect...

Is there a update out to fix this that I missed?

The file I am trying to install is: DAEMONToolsPro4350308

This is a fresh copy of Win7
The only apps I have installed so far is Zone Alarm and my attempt at DT install.

25.03.2010, 16:02
I read somewhere here on the forum that you have to uninstall Zone Alarm Toolbar.