View Full Version : "Unkonwn Switch in Command Line"

25.03.2010, 18:41
Hello DTools Forum,

I've tried using CureROM for Fallout 3, and when it runs the FalloutLauncher.exe(CureROM'd of course); DTools comes up with an error stating "Unknown Switch In Command Line".

Does anyone have any experience with this?

25.03.2010, 18:51
And what switch did you set?
Also CureRom is outdated.

25.03.2010, 18:55
Ok, what do you suggest I use, then? :/

I chose the unmount image switch.

25.03.2010, 19:28
Well, sorry to double-post but..

I'm using Y.A.S.U. and I guess I need to original disc, but the issue with that is, my dad's using the disc. :(