View Full Version : DTLite4356-0091 is detected as malware by AVG

07.04.2010, 14:39
Yesterday I installed DTLite4356-0091.
Today when I switch on my pc AVG Internet Security 9.0.801 detect Daemon tools as malware and removes it.
Then I install DTLite4355-0068 and no problem.

07.04.2010, 17:16
Should be a false positive

http://www.virustotal.com/analisis/2fb0debf26c24463ce62b00058739d38138e53547c32c9997b 25b21158aa0cbf-1270656718

Add DT to exclusion list during installation

08.04.2010, 16:53
I think it's avg's problem, you must allow to run normally

I using kaspersky and everything is ok