View Full Version : DTLite in Vista SP2 crashes when editing DT file associations

11.04.2010, 23:13
Hi there,
DT Lite 4.35.6 is consistently crashing on my Vista SP2 machine.
It seems that every time I'm running DT as non-admin, if I try to:

Edit a file association via DT configuration window.
Close the window before UAC pops up.
After accepting the UAC prompt, wait till the associations are registered.

DT WILL crash nomatter what I do.
If I'm running DT with admin privileges or I keep the window open, DT will not crash.

I also have a crash dump made with Windows Task manager, if it's of any use. :D

12.04.2010, 09:23
Please send your crash dump to support-eml@disc-soft.com with the link to this thread.