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15.04.2010, 18:15
OKay, i have issues.. Im trying to do some little more advanced stuff than the normal lite.
I have PRO-advanced now. And i have a software installed on my computer. This program came with (17) DVD9 disks. its like a learning software for a child from early age to 16 yr old.
Well, I made images of each one of those DVD 9, incase of any issues. Now im thinking, instead of the software always telling me, please insert disk 1, or disk 2.. Why dont i just mount them ALL with daemon. So, now i plug my external hdd in. All the images are on my external seagate, but the daemon is installed on a PC
Mounted all 17. Whgen through perfectly through disk 1. Didnt ask to insert. Same with disk 2. All of a sudden i get to disk 4, and it asks me to insert it. I look in daemon and it shows mounted. I tried a couple more others, and the software doesnt see them. So now, i ask WHATS WRONG?
I unplug the external, and plug it back in, and now i have to mount all 17 all over again!!! DAM!1 by one.. that took another 5-10 minutes.It had the name of those images in the image drive name, they just were not mounted.
I thought since i check the box to save image to that virtual drive, it would auto mount when image is in.. Guess not.
And yes auto load is checked!
So is there a way to find out why drives were not reading, and to make DT mount all 17 images on computer boot / ext hdd plugged in..?

15.04.2010, 18:21
Automount only works on reboot.
Also which DT Pro Advanced version are you running?

15.04.2010, 19:15
ahh.. reboot only eh?
Well im using 4.10.0215.

15.04.2010, 19:28
Is your disc-soft.com email address the same as in this forum (needed for customert tag)?

Reboot is wrong word, meant restart of program.

15.04.2010, 19:45
no.. lemme call the tech ppl at hcc.. idk wat they /he used... he installed on my pc for me.
How would i know what email he used.. he isnt answering..