View Full Version : UT2003 exiting since patch 2166 using daemon tools

20.12.2002, 12:14
I have been using DTools with UT2003 since I bought it with no problems. After installing the latest patch, the game exits a few seconds after starting, in the menus. If I use the original CD it starts fine. Does the new patch check for DTools and exit or something?

20.12.2002, 12:32
Could be a new Daemon Tools blacklisting ... I will check it, stay tuned ...

20.12.2002, 13:43
Checked - no problems ... which Daemon Tools version do you use?

20.12.2002, 16:01
I am using version 3.23 hmmm......
Okay, just upgraded to 3.26....
Works fine, tested 3 times. Was consistently failing with previous version but consistently working with original CD.
I really thought I was running the latest version that's why I posted.

20.12.2002, 16:12
Yeah, Daemon Tools <=v3.23 was blacklisted by SecuROM, but it was fixed in v3.26 ...