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19.04.2010, 19:56
I just restored a backed up copy of Windows 7 and when I try to run Daemon tools it says my license is in use and I need to revoke one and reactivate.

Fair enough. It's a new hard drive, maybe that's throwing it off.

I go to the "my licenses" page and see
1) Product info for DAEMON Tools Pro Advanced including the current Serial, Purchase Date, "Free Upgrades Until", Number of licensed instances, and "State" ( number of active out of licensed).
2) An option to prolong my free upgrades.
3) An option to "Modify" the above - but that *only* has the option to buy more licenses.
4) A button to copy the Serial to the clipboard
5) Option to download a new copy
6) Option to select which version to download.

I don't see a "Revoke button", yet searching the forum for I see the following recommendations all over the place:

"Press Revoke button (the button is on the right side of the product information)."

Can someone enlighten me? Thanks.

19.04.2010, 20:04
Try clicking on Show Details -> Select the System ID -> Check it -> Press on Action -> revoke selected.

19.04.2010, 23:25
Damn that was silly of me. Thanks.