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11.04.2004, 02:41
Hi to all

the command subst will work fine but not in all games fakecd 99 was great but it works only win95/98

How about a emulation from a folder like c:\cd -> cdrom letter V:

also bootcd options for 'bootcdemu' to can test the cd-folder in a virtual pc bevor finalize a cd or image.

I hope you think about a release of this feature ;)

Cu AnBi

21.04.2004, 15:23
Mounting a folder as a DVD is a great option! In this way, there is no need to create an image but copying the files will do.

Is it possible to also do this for a DVD and not just a CD? Anyway, this would be a great feature.

Wannabe. :mrgreen:

27.04.2004, 20:24
Yeah, great idea. It would also be nice to to be able to mount a CD-RW out of memory too, like a redundant RAM disk :)

28.04.2004, 20:43
Common guy, don't request the moon !!!

There are already programs which create CD / DVD images from files (NERO, dvd shrink ...), this is not the job of DAEMON !

Also, for all games you need always a good image not one created from a folder .