View Full Version : Cannot buy DT Pro Advanced due to SERVER ERROR

14.05.2010, 08:42

when I go to Home page :: DAEMON-Tools.cc (http://www.daemon-tools.cc) the site offers me to buy DAEMON Tools Pro Advanced + Lifetime Upgrades for 99,90 €.

Because I think this is a good offer (I didn't buy it yet becaue of the update time limits), I wanted to buy it, but everytime I click on the button "Buy Now €99,90" I get the following error message (it's in german, because I live in Germany) :

Fehler: Netzwerk-Zeitüberschreitung

Der Server unter secure.disc-soft.com braucht zu lange, um eine Antwort zu senden.

* Die Website könnte vorübergehend nicht erreichbar sein, versuchen Sie es bitte
später nochmals.

* Wenn Sie auch keine andere Website aufrufen können, überprüfen Sie bitte die

* Wenn Ihr Computer oder Netzwerk von einer Firewall oder einem Proxy geschützt wird,
stellen Sie bitte sicher, dass Firefox auf das Internet zugreifen darf.

The meaning of the message in english is like (in short) "Error: network timeout, the server secure.disc-soft.com took too long to respond, the website could be temporarily not reachable, (some hints to solve network problems)"

My network is working fine, I can access any other site on the internet except this one, so I think there is a problem with the server, so please fix it if you want to earn money (I want to buy the software using this offer) or if it is not a problem with the server then tell me what I can do to avoid this problem.

The same error occurs if I try to buy it using the store.

14.05.2010, 09:05
There is some maintenance work on our server at the moment :( Please try again later.