View Full Version : Can't access to http://www.disc-soft.com/login site

Otacon Ghost
14.05.2010, 10:46
Hi everybody,

For several days I can't access to the disc-soft web site.
In this case in can't get my serial number to install DAEMON Tools Pro Advanced v4.36.0309.

With DAEMON Tools Pro Advanced v4.35.0306.0088 I can't activate the software during the installation process...

The disc-soft web site is down?:eek:

Anyone have the same problem?
Thanks for answer

14.05.2010, 10:53
There is some maintenance work on our server at the moment :( Please try again later.

We apologize for temporary inconveniences!

Otacon Ghost
14.05.2010, 12:25
Thanks for your answer Sway,

Now when i'm try to load the url "http://www.disc-soft.com/login/" I'm redirect on the maintenance page ^_^

I'have the aswer for my problem.