View Full Version : Using Daemon Tools to install a game from disc

15.05.2010, 08:18
I'm new to DM and I was wondering if I could do this.

I just bought a game. It needs a DVD-Rom drive, which my computer doesn't have. -_-

Could I install it from the disc to my HD using a virtual drive?

15.05.2010, 10:16
If you create an image file first from that disk, yes.

15.05.2010, 16:15
I tried but it reads as nothing is in the drive. I tried with a CD-ROM too but that didn't work. Might as well just buy a DVD-ROM.

18.05.2010, 01:52
If you dont have a DVD rom, how can you make the image of the original game DVD ? First you need to put the game DVD in a DVD ROM/Writer so that you are able to make a disk image of the game DVD. And then only you can use Daemon Tools to mount that image and then you can install the game from there. If you don't have a DVD ROM in your PC, go to a friends place and get the disk image done from there, and carry the image back to your home.