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13.04.2004, 07:09
Operating System: win xp
Burning Software: Nero
Anti-virus Software: Norton
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.44

Help! I'm a new user, and am having problems. I have ripped two of my dvd's to a hard disk with DVD decrypter, and am trying to read them with Daemon tools. One Title would not read at first past the opening screens before the title. The Power DVD reading program then locks up. Then it started to work. I then ripped a second title, and it also locked up in the same way. I could read the first title only if its VIDEO_TS file was in the root directory of the drive, and not in a sub-directory. The second title would not read past the opening screens before the title regardless of its location. I then upgraded to 3.46. Now the first DVD locks up in the same place.

Nothing was changed in the files. I must be doing something wrong. Any suggestions or comments will be wellcome.

The computer is a DELL 2650, and I am using a La Cie 80G USB drive for video storage.

Donald [/b]

13.04.2004, 09:05
Try to update the ASPI drivers with e.g. ForceASPI 1.7, and try another software DVD player, there seem to be some bugs in newer PowerDVD versions.