View Full Version : DAEMON Tools Lite v4.35.6 (with SPTD 1.62) CRUSHED by ZoneAlarm Pro version:

28.05.2010, 06:27
There's a sticky for Zone Alarm Extreme Internet Security Suite but it doesn't mention Zone Alarm PRO as having the same problem.

I have the same problem but with PRO not with the suite.
I had Zone Alarm Pro and Daemon Tools Lite running FINE.

I updated Daemon Tools Lite to the latest as of 5-26-2010 and everything worked FINE.

I updated Zone Alarm Pro to ...
ZoneAlarm Pro version:
TrueVector version:
Driver version:
and Daemon Tools disappeared from my task bar.

When booting-up, there's an error message that this version of Daemon Tools requires AT LEAST Windows 2000.
I'm running XP-Pro SP2.

Firefox used to have tool bar choices for a Daemon Tools tool bar and a Zone Alarm Pro tool bar. The ZAPTB is gone. There is a Daemon Tools tool bar choice.
If I select it, the Zone Alarm tool bar appears.

Under Add, Remove Programs in Control Panel, there is a Daemon Tools tool bar but not a Zone Alarm Pro tool bar.

If I attempt to reinstall Daemon Tools Lite, there's an error and the install halts.
I disabled Zone Alarm Pro and reattempted to install Daemon Tools Lite only to get the same error message and halted install.

Oddly, one of my SATA HDDs that is either 60GB, 80GB or 100GB is listed as 0.98GB with 996MB of free space. The free space listed may be correct but the HDD's capacity is wrong.

I ran the uninstall for the ZA Forcefield tool bar and sure enough, the Daemon Tools tool bar (actually the Zone Alarm tool bar) disappeared from my list of choices in Firefox. I have NOT rebooted. My HDD capacity is still listed wrong in My Computer. DAEMON Tools Lite v4.35.6 (with SPTD 1.62) reinstalled successfully. It noted REINSTALL in the install window. So, it saw that my original install was there. Perhaps if I had rebooted, the original install would have worked now that ZAForceField has been uninstalled.

I had noticed that Firefox has been running horribly slow lately. I hope it's back to it's speedy self now that ZAForceField is GONE!