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30.05.2010, 16:01
I won't use DT Lite any more, so, i disable the virtual device it created "at the "options" menu at DT logo on system tray" and i uninstall it by the Add/Remove Programs. No errors, it said that was restart the computer to conclude the uninstall procces...

And now, every time i start the pc, after the "welcome" of Windows XP, appears the error "Product not installed" with, at the start board, the DT logo.

I'm sending an image attached.

So, please, what can i do? How i said, i disabled the DT virtual drive before uninstall it, i haven't virtual drives anymore, only the D: of DVD-Rom.

Please help me.

31.05.2010, 10:17
Please specify your DAEMON Tools version.
Can you see DAEMON Tools Lite folder in Start menu or in 'Program Files' folder (or in another folder where you installed DT)?

31.05.2010, 13:33
Hi Sway, thanks for the answer =)

So, i had DT Lite, but i don't remember about the version. How i tell, it's just uninstalled, and i remembered to disable the virtual drive of it before uninstall.
Using the search, i found this files and folders of it (until the last 3, are Winamp visualisation plugins). Please see the image.
So... Do you think could be still the DT that isn't uninstalled? (It don't appears anymore at Add/Remove Programs)

31.05.2010, 13:55
So... Do you think could be still the DT that isn't uninstalled? (It don't appears anymore at Add/Remove Programs)
Yes, I think so. DAEMON Tools isn't displayed in 'Add/Remove Programs' even if it is installed.

Try to find uninst.exe in 'C:\Arquivos de programas\D-Tools. You can use this file to uninstall DAEMON Tools.

31.05.2010, 14:06
No... The folder exists but haven't an 'uninstall' of it on there... =(

31.05.2010, 14:27
Please look at the following thread - http://forum.daemon-tools.cc/f26/error-25002-invalid-driver-names-driver-conflict-how-remove-daemon-tools-drivers-2138/.

31.05.2010, 15:13
Yes... I delete the two files at c/windows/system folder... Delete the two registry entries that had the same names (one of them i had to go to safe mode to delete it)... Remove the "PnP Bios Extension" at Device manager...
But... The problem still continue. The error message when Windows starts.

Seeing here, only last delete the Daemon Tools folder with that itens that have inside it (i didn't delete it yet).

And if could be... I have Alcohol 120% installed. It have the virtual drive disabled too, but isn't uninstalled. Alcohol it's ok, functional. But D-Tools it's causing this.

So... What could i do now? =(

31.05.2010, 15:17
Did you have some 3rd party add-on installed?

31.05.2010, 15:24
Was really this.
For curiosity i open my startup proccess manager and i saw the Daemon.exe proccess marked. So... I uncheck it... And restart the PC.

So... Nothing error window! =D

But... This really solves the problem? Cause how i said, the Daemon Tools folder it's still here with Daemon.exe and the files that you saw at my image. Could now i delete this folder with security?

31.05.2010, 15:54
Just delete this folder manually.

31.05.2010, 16:02
Solved, finally =)

Thank you guys!