View Full Version : daemon tools lite driver problem

08.06.2010, 06:14
ive been using daemon tools lite to mount an .iso file for diablo 2 and have been playing the game for awhile everything was going good, then i go to play one day and it says to "please verify that your diablo 2 play disc is in your CD-ROM drive, then clock on retry" i have the play disc .iso file mount to
Device 0:[f:]
and only one other drive which is my DVD RW Drive (:E)
Can someone please help me?

08.06.2010, 06:40
Game is using SecuROM, ISO won't work on a normal legal game. Recreate your image with New SecuROM profile.

08.06.2010, 08:39
Have you recently changed drive letter order ?
Have you recently disabled SecuROM emulation (which is needed for a simple ISO) ?

btw. easiest solution for your problem would be to install the latest Diablo 2 patch which
completely removes the disc check ;)