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12.06.2010, 17:20
I just got DTlite because a friend told me i could back up discs by leaving the image on hard drive, i tend to lose discs when other people go through my stuff which is why i have bought diablo 2 from the store twice and still dont have a complete set of discs. However when ive tried to back up a handful of discs and i always get read operation has hit a ECC/EDC bad (recoverable) block. I cant find anything about ecc edc errors, anyone know whats wrong?

12.06.2010, 22:17
You can't skip those bad sectors with the Disc Imaging plug-in of DAEMON Tools lite.
For such purpose you'd need the Pro version.

P.S.: regarding Diablo 2, since patch 1.12 the game no longer requires the CD to play

14.06.2010, 06:55
i had a feeling that would be the case, so only dtools pro can recover the bad sectors eh?

14.06.2010, 10:04
...so only dtools pro can recover the bad sectors eh?In DT's product lineup, yes.

Those sectors are part of the protection and won't be "recovered" but skipped/ignored so that the image creation can finish.

27.09.2010, 01:03
So it sounds like the Pro product will "ignore" these ECC errors and "pass on" the bad sector data "as is" to the image - am I reading between the lines correctly? In this case, the image will exactly reflect the bits that were on the disk including the bad sectors (as I understand/expect it to be).
Before people invest in the PRO product they need to understand if this "fix" will allow them to accurately back up protected CDs or not. I have many games I own that have purposely injected bad sectors in them and I strongly suspect this is part of a copy protection scheeme which I want preserved in my images.
Clarification on this point should make this thread quite useful to others.

27.09.2010, 02:03
Having just purchased DAEMON Tools Pro Advanced I can not state that my hunch was correct. Updating to Pro allows you to successfully copy CDs that use purposfully injected ECC errors for copy protection. The images created install correctly just as the originals did.

Thank you Deamon Tools!!!:D