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14.04.2004, 14:55
A different spin on the traditional question.

I'm currently running a pair of Lite-Ons [LTD-163D and LTR-40125S] and a Sony DRU510A, and wanting to copy Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow. Other information I have read suggests that a good quality reader is the key to getting this to work. Normally for safedisk titles I read with CloneCD [and write with FireBurner] and this has serverd me well right up to Call of Duty [SD3.10]. Now I'm hearing that neither are going to be accurate enough to get the working image files. There is a thought that the LTR-40125S won't burn the disk well enough to allow me to authenticate the game after I've deleted the image.

Hence the question; Which reader is going to be good enough, and potentially which writer? I know I have no chance with the Sony, but has anyone sucessfully burnt this with the LTR-40125S? Should I consider the ASUS 5232AS which I hear such good things about in both reading accuracy and burning ability or is there a better option?