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14.06.2010, 19:23
hello , after my instal off deamon tools and restarting pc , it just get freezed , after appearing of desktop it slows my pc to 0 , i hardy can move a mouse . . . . . pls help me , if I install it it will slow and freeze my pc again , and i'll have to format system AGAIN . . . .
my configuration is :
intel celeron 2.8 ghz
ati radeon 9600 256 mb
motherboard gygabite
ram 1gb ddr1
long time ago i used deamon tools , but it was okey . . . .
now old and new version just slow my pc . . . . i cant uninistall it . . . its opening start like 20 minutes . . . . . PLEASE HELP ME ! ! ! ! ! I have image file to install . . . . . ANSWER FAST PLS

14.06.2010, 19:24
Disable Gigabyte Energy Saver.

14.06.2010, 19:28
Disable Gigabyte Energy Saver.

can you tell me how to do that pls . . . .

14.06.2010, 19:32
Closing the process with Task Manager or search for the icon in systray.

14.06.2010, 19:33
i close all programs and still same problem . . . . . and there is no icon in systray of my motherboard if you meant that icon :S

14.06.2010, 19:37
Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services -> GEST Service for program management -> Properties -> Stop

14.06.2010, 19:45
Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services -> GEST Service for program management -> Properties -> Stop

hmmmm i cant find that GEST service for program managment or any program connected to energy saving or gygabite :S:S:S:S i can give you ss if you want ? :S:S:S

16.06.2010, 13:05
lol no answer . . . . . . . . . just why dont you fix this problem ? ? ? ?

16.06.2010, 13:50
i read on your forums that the problem realy is that GVs , gigabyte serverice . . .energy saving .... whatever , but im usind gigabyte and i dont have exe file in task menager or in services or in program files . . i dont have any file connected to motherboard so thats not problem , its something else
Long time ago i used deamon without any bugs or freezing , but now it just freeze my pc.
Can you help me solve this problem ? :S

16.06.2010, 15:54
Judging from your hardware specs i guess you're on Windows XP.

Start Windows in "Safe mode with networking" (press F8 after POST screen), and when prompted press ESC to skip loading of DT's SPTD driver.
In Windows first uninstall DT, then download the SPTD standalone installer from Duplex Secure and uninstall SPTD.
Reboot in normal mode.

Now please check whether there any errors in Windows Event Viewer (http://support.microsoft.com/?scid=kb%3Ben-us%3B308427&x=10&y=11) at the time the freezing occurred ?
Which Security program(s) are you using ?

Depending on the image format you want to use you can also use the older DT version 3.47 (without SPTD, but NOT compatible with Vista & 7).

20.06.2010, 00:42
Hi there,

I installed DT Pro 2 days ago and I am experiencing the same issue.

After a while the system crawls to a start.
Every application whites out and freezes and the Windows hourglass keeps going.

The Device Manager keeps updating itself like something keeps getting installed and ditto for USB Safely Remove even when no usb device is attached.

I also got the "Device did not install properly" error message but not after installation which went fine.

I pinpointed the problem to sptd driver and the only solution is force shutting the system.

I can't find either this Gest service anywhere but I use an UPS by APC if it is of any relevance.

Any help other than uninstalling the software?

I am on Seven x64.

Thank you