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21.12.2002, 03:23
First off, I like to say GREEEEEEAAAATTT program 8) 8)

I think that this feature, would rock.
Click on your *.iso, *.cue or *.whatever, and poof DT mounts the image, to the first virtual drive, if a image is allready mounted, then just replace it.

It could be a bit more advanced with an option to select which file type to associate, as some people has *.cue associated with FireBurner and *.iso with WinRAR etc, and they'll prolly still wants them that way ;)

Im allready looking forward to this, so I hope that the DEVs will consider/add it :D :D

22.12.2002, 11:52
Hi, and welcome to the forum...

I'd suggest you have a look at some of the third-party addons for D-Tools, they will let you do what you suggested.
I don't think there are any who let you specify which extension to associate, but mounting by doubleclicking is possible already.


22.12.2002, 14:03
Thank you :)

Are those 3rd party addons verified by the DT crew?
I usually never use 3rd party created stuff, as most of the them are not verified or not supported or just not working.

Ill have a look into it :)

22.12.2002, 16:56
Yes, some tools are proofed by DT-Members, that's why we have them on our Download-Section. Malicious addons will never make it on the Download-Section, on the other hand we can't guarantee that they will work as supposed to do. Give'em a try

aldo vargas
26.12.2002, 02:41
Hi Jesper,
Try DAEMount 1.46, it is listed in the 3rd parties tools and it does what you want (and other things).
Download it from: http://www.aldostools.com/daemount.html

or from the DT's download page:

26.12.2002, 11:15
We would not post crap on our download page.;-)
All addons were created by experienced guys - just have a look at them and decide whether you like them or not. Mail their authors if you have questions.

26.12.2002, 11:26
If you just want to mount images by right-click in explorer on image files (ccd, cue etc.) I recommend awxDTools (http://www.hbreitner.de/awxdtools/) ... small, simple, easy to use :)

06.01.2003, 11:16
why don't you simply link the .cue, etc files to the daemon tools like this:

C:\Programme\D-Tools\daemon.exe -mount 0,%1
works with most images, think it has a problem with spaces in the filename, but I'm not sure

06.01.2003, 11:35
If you put the %1 between "" it works fine with spaces ;) :
i.e. C:\Programme\D-Tools\daemon.exe -mount 0,"%1"