View Full Version : Windows 95b And USB Without USB Controller

15.04.2004, 11:10
Operating System: Windows 95b
Burning Software: ---
Anti-virus Software: AVG 6 Free
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.42

I'm trying to install Daemon tools on a Win95 machine for my little brother. When I tried to install it, it asked me to get the USB suppliment.

It doesn't have a USB controller. Do you think installing the suppliment will still work?

15.04.2004, 12:05
Yep, be sure to install IE4 or higher (IE5.5 recommended), too.

16.04.2004, 10:49
Tried installing the suppliment and it went fine!

Just making sure because the site I got the suppliment from warned that a reformat was necessary if you didn't follow the instructions exactly, including enabling a USB controller.

But it doesn't need one.

Thanks for your help
Andrew Nile