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20.06.2010, 12:26
Any one else have any problem with the latest DTlite (v4.35.6 build 0091) and the quoted hardware configuration from the title of this thread (Windows Server 2003 w/SP3 Enterprise R2 32 bit) ?

At one point I thought it was because SPTD didn't install properly, i.e. I could tell from the lack of the 'SCSI and RAID Controller' line item under my Hardware Devices.

Then subsequent uninstall's and re-install's did eventually see this line item get installed. The Daemon Tools tasktray icon got installed, and the popup for 'Installing Virtual Devices' or something similar showed that the computer was chugging away doing something, and then it went away with the virtual drive available, DTlite.exe present in active processes, etc.

Then subsequent reboots after what appeared to be a normal installation sees a lack of DTlite.exe in the active processes (also a lack of the tasktray icon), or an error on startup by DTlite.exe.

Very weird. An earlier version (which I can't remember what version it is, I'll post an update when I get to my server tomorrow morning (Australian Eastern Standard Time)) sees everything working fine. Clean, troublefree install, subsequent reboots equates to repetitious behaviour, which is, tasktray icon always present, and daemon.exe always present and stable..... :S

21.06.2010, 13:56
There is no SP3 for Windows Server 2003. Please check your Windows version.

21.06.2010, 15:32
Right you are Sway. Apologies. I've been working hard lately :) And posting threads on forum very early in the morning.
I do have in fact SP2 installed, and not SP3, as Microsoft haven't developed SP3 :)
Can I start a new thread with a correct title, so it gets more visibility from people ?

21.06.2010, 16:55
I've fixed thread title :)

21.06.2010, 17:02
Did you try to run DTLite.exe manually?

22.06.2010, 02:04
Roger that. Doesn't work.
I might try rebuilding Windows. Too much sporadicness.