View Full Version : How to mount of an image from command line - Windows XP

21.06.2010, 07:44
I would like to create a Hyperlink and by clicking on this hyperlink, it should automatically mount a specified Image file with Daemon Tool. Is this possible ? I am using Windows XP.

If possible, Pls provide some details.

Right now, I can create a Hyperlink that shows the path to where my Image file is located but how do I make the Daemon Tool Mount the Image ? Looking for command line syntax.


21.06.2010, 08:34
Command line integration | DAEMON Pro Help (http://www.daemonpro-help.com/en/windows_integration/command_line_integration.html) - for DAEMON Tools Pro
DAEMON Tools Lite Help: Command Line Parameters (http://www.daemon-help.com/windows_integration_lite/command_line_parameters.html) - for DAEMON Tools Lite (use dtlite.exe instead of daemon.exe)

22.06.2010, 07:17
Your solution works perfectly. I had to execute the command from where dtlite.exe was installed.

c:\Program Files\DAEMON Tools Lite>dtlite.exe –mount 0, “f:\path\path\THE_FILE_NAME.MDS”

Perhaps my next question may not be what the forum can support but let me ask anyways:

How can I get that command and put into a Hyperlink in Word .doc file or an html file such that when I click the hyperlink, it would execute the command ?