View Full Version : trouble installing xp

23.06.2010, 23:05
I'm trying to install xp on deamon tools my pc is vista an i need xp to operate my camera. I mount the image an the "Install windows XP" is blacked out an i cannot click it. Any idea how to fix this?

24.06.2010, 00:10
It is greyed out as it would be a downgrade.
You have to burn the image.

24.06.2010, 15:07
Have you already tried to let Vista search for a driver online ?
If disabled you need to change your current "Windows Update Driver Settings" in Advanced system settings.

26.06.2010, 13:03
there is no repairing, I suppose you are trying to instal xp sp2, well you cant do it, dont bother trying via boot its not gonna work. you can only install xp sp3, trust me on that, had the same problem.