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29.06.2010, 05:28
my daemon tools lite version makes bd-drives instead of dvd drives on windows 7............please help

29.06.2010, 05:51
Please describe you problem more detailed. What troubles do you have because of those virtual drives? They should work with CD/DVD/Blu-ray images as well.

29.06.2010, 15:26
i wanted to make an image file of a sofware and i used daemon tools and it created bd rom drive,thereafter i tried to install the software but everytime it says your software occupies 0 bytes of disk space & isnot installed...........here i want to add that when i used vista,same version of daemon tools created dvd drive & icould easily install my software,but with windows 7 -32 bit os bd drives are created &software installation isnot possible

29.06.2010, 15:44
Please attach a screenshot of error message.

29.06.2010, 16:08
how to take a screenshot of an installing software

29.06.2010, 16:33
how to take a screenshot of an installing softwareTry with Print Screen key and paste in any graphics software.

btw. what's the name of the software ?
Have you already tried to run the installer as administrator (rightclick -> Run as administrator) ?

30.06.2010, 06:33
i have now aatached the screen shot of the installing software in attachments.....& the screen it shows after

30.06.2010, 10:28
If you're facing the same issue using your original media i'd suggest to describe your problem in this thread:
Nothing is installed in multisim 10.0 - NI Discussion Forums (http://forums.ni.com/t5/Circuit-Design-Suite-Multisim/Nothing-is-installed-in-multisim-10-0/td-p/1160277)

Please also have a look at this (http://forums.ni.com/t5/Circuit-Design-Suite-Multisim/multisim-10-1-install-problems/m-p/880134) thread, last post.
Maybe a working workaround also for your OS (which isn't officially supported).

30.06.2010, 16:55
thank you for the link...........icould solve the problem.........