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16.04.2004, 07:35
Operating System: W2K
Burning Software: N/A
Anti-virus Software: McAFee
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.46

Hello all,

I've seen this discussed somewhere else. I've send e-mail to the mentioned e-mail address, but I did not receive any replies.

My question, How may I obtain the DT-API so I can change the User-interface to adapt it for usage to a limited amout of ISO's and to enable 6 year old, non-english speaking kids to use DT for loading there training CD's?

This would be required for the school of my kids.

With regards,


16.04.2004, 07:57
Do you really need the API for this, or does DaemonScript already fit your needs?

16.04.2004, 11:53
Guess that was the part I forgot to mention. I tried to accomplish things with DaemonScript, but it just does not give me sufficient of flexibility. As much as I hate it, I need to write a program for the interface to get the control that's required.

But thank you for asking.


16.04.2004, 12:00
Ok, please mail locutus@daemon-tools.cc with reference to this thread.
Note that we don't give API to any 'casual' people - we want to know who has it and for what purpose. If you need it, please send detailed mail who you are and why you need it. You may get it only on conditions that you will not give it to anyone else without our permission.