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09.07.2010, 10:56
I was thinking of renewing my license with daemon tools now that has lifetime. So I wanted to test and ask also if you have any emulating experiences with ProtectDisc. My experiences were bad.

The previous version of Daemon Tools that i had, could emulate ProtectDisc up to version 8.xx(8.20) with vSCSI drives. When ProtectDisc was updated to version 9 then emulator was detected as my version was becoming outdated.

The last days I thought trying the newest daemon tools version so i could check if protectdisc emulation has been updated. Unfotunately, none of my images could be played. Moreover, I tried my old working ProtectDisc 8 images which were also unplayable with vSCSI drives, because emulator was detected.

So my questions are: Blacklisting for ProtectDisc has been updated or it will be updated in the distant future?

09.01.2012, 11:18

My pb is the same, i've a dvd data protect by ProtectDisc and there is nothing to do to emulate this protection.
What's the hell with Daemon tools ?

This is the END ?

09.01.2012, 22:51
How did you create an image?