View Full Version : Windows 7 & DAEMON Tools Lite v4.35.6 (with SPTD 1.62)

09.07.2010, 15:43
First of all...sorry if I have opened a new thread without finding the right one.

Well my problem is; I tried to install the new DAEMON Tools Lite v4.35.6 (with SPTD 1.62) that should be windows 7 proof. The error message is "Internal setup error. Errer code: 14. Contact support.".

What could it be?

09.07.2010, 16:25
Security software solutions | DAEMON Pro Help (http://daemonpro-help.com/en/problems_and_solutions/security_software_solutions.html)

10.07.2010, 06:55
Thank you very much for answering...:)

I have actually already tried those problem-solutions, but I will give it another try if you think it's the only way of dealing with it(I have ThreatFire & ZoneAlarm Free).

One question though.... I have the same DT Lite installed on my desktop computer (XP 32bit) with ThreatFire and ZoneAlarm Free on it. But I did't have any problems installing, why? Does this problem only excist with Win 7?:confused:

10.07.2010, 16:46
Ok...done at last. The support did not work though... I still was unable to install DT Lite.

Only when I closed "Ad-Aware 8.3" (and all the rest, but you already told me to) I managed to install it. You should add it as a possible problem I think (it was that or Avira AntiVir Free, but I doubt it).

Once again thank you and I hope that I have contributed in some way...

12.07.2010, 07:29
Will check with Ad-Aware soon.