View Full Version : unable connection to the servor

15.07.2010, 07:25
hi everybody

I have a problem with the installation of DTPro4360309-0160.

i installed DTLite4536-0091 with no problem.

i downloaded the DTPro4360309-0160 and run it to install with an evaluation period but a box appears and sais that the connection to the servor is impossible and i have to check my connection internet.

my connection internet is right.
my parameter's firewall is ok.
may be a virus?

i don't understand


15.07.2010, 21:33
What antivirus do you use? Have you tried turning off the AV for a moment to let DT connect to the internet?

16.07.2010, 09:23
Did you specify any proxy server (Connection settings in DT)?